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Out of Season Licensing Procedures for Mountain Hare 

The control of mountain hares is often necessary for the prevention of damage and disease. Mountain Hares are subject to legal seasons. If you have good reason to apply for a licence to SNH to control Mountain Hare numbers outwith the legal seasons, you can apply for a licence to SNH using the following guidelines: Click here for more information

Legal Muirburning: Make sure you are prepared.

The muirburn season is drawing nearer. Please click on the simple best practice guideline in Pdf format below so you can make sure you are complying with best practice. Muirburning, when carried out in line with best practice, provides a suite of benefits for grouse and endangered wading birds.

Firearms and Shotgun License Changes

Members should be aware that application forms for the granting and renewal of firearm and shotgun certificates were changed in December 2013.
Police Scotland will continue to remind applicants 12 weeks in advance of certificate expiry. However, the new form, 201, which replaces the old forms, 101 and 103, must now be downloaded from the Police Scotland website, filled in and returned (in hard copy) to the Police.
The forms cannot be filled in online as a signature is required.
You can find the forms to download, plus all guidance regarding the new procedure, on Click here for more information

Changes to General Licenses 2014

Members should make themselves aware of the 2014 General Licences, published recently by Scottish Natural Heritage.

In 2013, The Scottish Gamekeepers Association was involved in the consultations regarding the General Licences for 2014. Several substantive changes have been made to licenses this year and members should make themselves aware of these changes- and the full General Licenses- immediately.

The Major Changes:

1/ An enabling paragraph to General Licenses 1,2 and 3 have been introduced which allow SNH to restrict the use of these General Licenses on land where they have a good reason to believe that crimes against wild birds have taken place.

2/ SNH are withdrawing the General License which allowed the taking of mallard eggs for incubation (currently General License 11/2013).

3/ SNH are extending the time limit for registering captive-bred Schedule 4 birds from 15 to 20 days in General License 08/2014.

4/ SNH are retaining those General Licenses which allow the sale of certain captive-bred dead birds, their feathers and parts (i.e. General Licenses 12/2014 and 13/2014).

5/ SNH are omitting reference to the need for documentary evidence to accompany trade in and the showing of certain captive-bred birds in General Licenses 11/2014 (and in General Licenses 09/2014, 10/2014 and 13/2014).

The full list of General Licenses, including the consultation responses, can be found here

WANE Bill - summary of changes

The Wildlife and Natural Environment Bill passed by Scottish Parliament in March 2011, contains changes that will affect members in different ways. We've attached a summary below, outlining the main changes.

Deer management best practice

There is currently a wealth of deer management best practice information on the steering group page of the SNH Deer Management site. The SGA contributes to the steering group. You can use the link below to go directly to the best practice index here

December 2012 snaring guide

The 2012 snaring guide, which takes into account current legislation, can be downloaded from the attachment list below.

Good Shooting Practice

This 2008 document sets out guidance on good shooting practice. It can be downloaded from the attachment list below.

PDF Documents to Download

Download Legal Muirburning
Download Spring Traps
Download Snaring in Scotland 4th Edition 2012
Download Code of Good Shooting Practice
Download WANE summary

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